Music publishing

The music publishing AXEL ROT was founded in 2001 by Prof. Alexander Rot.


The motto of the publishing house is: Obliged to the Viennese tradition of music.


Therefore you will mainly find revised editions for symphony orchestras of the compositions of Johann Strauss, Joseph Lanner etc.

You will also find chamber music -, piano – and brass-band – issues in our permanently enlarging assortment. Please, look also for salon orchestra or bigband arrangements in our quickly growing program.


Why revised editions?

Because instruments which aren’t used partly today any more are frequently still quoted into most of the issues existing at present (such as trumpets in F or C or clarinets in G or A, Bombardon etc.). Many of the copies known to us also contain drum voices which don’t correspond to the traditional or common Viennese performance practice and several issues are edited either sloppily or hardly readable and some of them are simply wrong.