What can you expect from us?


• Individual music-note-sheets for symphony orchestra

• Many copies come along with an own conductors sheet in C

• Full scores for all issues

• Individual voices and scores made with computer notation programs like Encore, Finale or Sibelius

• Individual voices printed on 100 g buff color/nature paper, A4 which are eye kind and not reflecting or for larger works on A3, printed on both sides, seamed on A4

• Scores printed on 120 g or 160 g buff color/nature paper ring bound, A4 high, cover laminated

• Of course all other common formats are also available on request

• All processings are made on the basis of the original music-text editions and partially from still availably handwritten notes of the composers

• Especially Clarinet- and trumpet-voices are transposed by us for the todays usual Bigband Bb-instruments. (On request, of course we also like to deliver the original instrumentation. Several issues already includes per default both: transposed and original instrumentation.)

• Drums and percussion voices are adapted the way they correspond to today’s Viennese performance practice under instructions of drummers of the Viennese opera houses

• Before publication all issues will be tested in the practice (live played and partly taken on sound carriers) and perhaps still corrected. (A special gratitude for this at Prof. Wolfgang Jelinek and his Viennese opera ball orchestra.)

• In the course of this practice test the string player voices are adapted by leading concertmasters in the way that e.g. on- and end-strokes are marked suitably for practices; then we take them for you in our issues. (A very special gratitude especially to Prof. Hans Grötzer who has helped us much here.)

• Of course the same will be valid for special editions and bigband-editions, also for piano-issues.



Otherwise what else we can do for you?


Publishing house contracts for ready works:

You have composed a tune and are now looking for a publisher? We care about your AKM-announcement, if necessary typesetting and printing of sales-issues with a corresponding profit-sharing according to our publishing house contract, look for suitable interpreters for possible soundcarrier-productions, care about the international distribution of your work (Music-note sale, sound carrier recordings, also uses in national and international broadcast and TV institutions), etc.




We can do music-arrangements for you in every conceivable occupation: Small and big formations (also in not usual occupations), Chamber music, dance- and entertainment-orchestra, Bigband, from small to big (symphonic) brass-band music, symphony orchestra etc.) in all musical styles (light music, jazz, classical music, avant-garde), for live/stage appearances, studio recordings, TV shows etc.



Music engraving

At present your work exists only as a handwritten manuscript or MIDI file? We put your notes according to your wishes in every conceivable format (from small brass-band music versions in the march-book-format up to A3-outsize). Delivery in paper form or on foils (for printeries) or computer files (all common formats).




• Graphic: from the layout up to the printing pre-production (e.g.: CD-covers, Inlays, advertising material like leaflets, booklets, folders, catalogs etc.)

• Copying and printing service to A3, over-format at all media (also cartons), b/w and 4c

• Laminating and book bandage work

Spiral/ring bindings (plastic or metal) to 500 sheets for A4 high or A3 (from check-card format to A3)

Thermo bindings up to 150 sheet, A4

paper fold service up to A3-over-format



Material for purchasing:


Versions for symphony orchestras

Versions for bigbands and salon orchestras

Versions for chamber-music – ensembles

Versions for brass-bands

Piano issues, piano scores



Material for lending:


stage plays & dramas